How To Connect Linksys Wireless Router To Verizon FiOS Router Effectually

Connect Linksys Wireless Router To Verizon FiOS Router

Many customers choose Verizon FiOS because of its reputation for offering high-speed internet access and for offering dependable connectivity. Yet, there may be junctures when installing a second router like a Linksys will allow you to increase your Wi-Fi range or alter your network’s configuration. In this blog, we’ll demonstrate you how to connect a Linksys wireless router to a Verizon FiOS router to advance your network’s competences.

To link your Linksys wireless router to your Verizon FiOS router, do the ensuing:

  • Devices should be powered off in order to avert any probable hitches. This smears to in cooperation the Linksys and Verizon FiOS routers.
  • LAN havens on the Verizon FiOS router may be get into by injecting the Ethernet cable’s one end into any of the LAN docks. Fix the other end to the Linksys router’s WAN port. The two routers are substantially linked by this.
  • Turn on the Verizon FiOS router and wait for it to completely start up before continuing. Authenticate that your device is still beavered into the Verizon FiOS network.
  • On your associated device, expose a web browser and put or pass in the Verizon FiOS router’s IP address into the search field bar. Use the router’s admin credentials to log in. The username and password are generally in print on a marker on the router.
  • Disable the DHCP server on the Verizon FiOS router by going to the DHCP settings in the router’s settings (frequently positioned below the LAN or Network segment). The Linksys router has to manage DHCP and assign IP addresses to devices on your network, so this step is essential.
  • Be careful to save your amendments after turning off the DHCP server and restart the Verizon FiOS router.
  • At this point, switch the Linksys router on. It can yield a few proceedings for it to entirely power up, so be persevering.
  • Unveil a browser and type the Linksys router’s IP address into the search box. Use the login evidence for the Linksys router’s admin panel (you may discover this info in the router’s manual or certification).
  • Constitute your wireless settings, counting the network name and code, in the Linksys router’s settings. Furthermore, you may indicate any superfluous security selections or settings that you like.
  • Remember to save your configuration changes when finishing using the Linksys router.
  • Start again your device after disengaging from the Verizon FiOS network, then connect the new Wi-Fi network that your wireless Linksys router is screening. Squared that you have internet connectivity and that the Linksys router is providing IP addresses to your devices.

Final thoughts

If you run into any glitches when constructing either router, go to its user manual or contact our customer care team for assistance. Once setup properly, you’ll have a larger, more tailored wireless network that can better satiate your connectivity needs.