Fixing the Red Light on Your Linksys Velop Node

Fixing the Red Light on Your Linksys Velop Node

Visualizing life without internet is not possible in today’s world. We need to have a solid and sturdy internet connection in order to retain stride with our day-to-day life. If you have Linksys velop mesh system then you might be enjoying the flawless internet network. If your Linksys velop node is indicating red light consistently then you need to pay attention towards it as there can be network issue. To fix this matter you can take support of our blog.

Basic causes for linksys velop keeps going red

  • There can be a connection issue that is indicated by the red light. It must be that there is a node that is not having the proper and stable connection like other nodes that are connected properly with the main router.
  • Outdated firmware information can also be indicated by this red light by your device.
  • There might be physical damage to your node or its objects that might need repair.

Solutions for red light on velop node

  • Verify the physical connections- check whether all the cables and components are in sound condition, if there is any then you must get it replaced and loose cable can also cause red light issue on your node.
  • Power cycling- sometimes to resolve this red-light issue you can perform power cycling that is disconnect the power cable from the node and plug it back after pausing for some seconds. If the issue is minor then that will definitely be going to solve with this helpful tip.
  • Placement of node- verify whether the node is placed in the network range or not, if not then this issue is going to prevail and to resolve this bring and place it within the router network range.
  • Firmware update- firmware update can also resolve this issue, for this you must check for the update within your Linksys app, download and install the update. Be careful while executing this process because any interruption during the installation can harm your device and its settings.
  • Resetting the nodes- to resolve this issue you can perform reset which needs a pin to press the button and hold it. When the led turns amber you can release the button and wait till it gets restarted.
  • Reconfiguring the nodes- you must reconfigure that particular node if the issue still persists even after performing above given solution. Delete the node that is indicating red light by open the app. reset it and then add it again to the network with the help of the app.
  • Contacting the Linksys support- if you could not get what is the exact issue and solution then you must contact the Linksys support team to get rid of this red-light problem.

Final thoughts

Facing any issue with velop node can be irritating but by finding the exact cause and solution you can easily get out of this troublesome situation. In any kind of troublesome situation, you can contact our team. They are working hard day and night to bring the instant solution for your Linksys related queries.