Guide to Fixing a Linksys Router That Is Blinking Without Internet

Linksys Router

Smooth online experiences depend on a reliable internet connection, so it might be annoying when your Linksys router begins to flicker without any internet. But worry not! This comprehensive tutorial will take you step-by-step through the troubleshooting process to fix your Linksys router and guarantee a dependable internet connection.

  1. Examine Physical Connections:
  • Examining the physical connections is the first step in troubleshooting a Linksys router that is blinking.
  • Make certain that every cable is firmly inserted into its designated port.
  • Verify the connections of the modem, Ethernet wires, and power supply.
  • One possible cause of the blinking lights could be a loose cable.
  1. Restart Your Router:
  • Switch off your Linksys router, give it a ten-second delay, and then turn it back on.
  1. Check the Status of  network:
  • To make sure your internet service is up and running, see if any outages have been recorded in your region or get in touch with your internet provider.
  1. Update the Firmware:
  • Incompatible firmware can cause issues with connectivity.
  • Using a web browser, access the web interface of your Linksys router and go to the firmware update section.
  • Download and install any updated firmware versions that are available.
  • Updates to the firmware frequently contain bug fixes and other enhancements that can improve the functionality of your router.
  1. Reset Router Settings:
  • Try restoring your router to its original configuration if updating the firmware isn’t able to fix the problem.
  • Hold down the reset knob.
  1. Examine your network for IP address conflicts:
  • These can cause your connection to drop.
  • By doing this, you can guarantee that there are no conflicts and that every device on your network has its own IP address.
  1. Verify router and device connection:
  • To verify that your computer and the router are connected, open the command prompt on your computer and perform a ping test.
  • Enter “ping” after substituting the IP address of your router, then hit Enter.
  • If the test is unsuccessful, there may be an issue with the router-to-device connection.
  1. Examine DNS Settings:
  • Problems with internet connectivity may arise from incorrect DNS (Domain Name System) settings.
  • Make sure your ISP’s DNS servers are automatically obtained by them.
  • As an alternative, you can make use of public DNS servers, such as and offered by Google.
  1. Speak with Linksys Support:
  • When everything else fails, it’s time to consult an expert.
  • For help, get in touch with Linksys customer service.
  • They can assist you with remote troubleshooting and offer advice tailored to your router model.

Final thoughts

It can be annoying to face a blinking Linksys router without internet, but you can usually fix the problem and have a steady connection back with the correct troubleshooting techniques. This comprehensive guide has covered all the necessary procedures to get your Linksys router back up and running, from verifying physical connections to updating firmware and setting up network settings.