Linksys Router Ip Address Not Working

Linksys Router Ip Address Not Working

For both work or home stable internet connection is a necessity. Linksys routers are trusted and first choice of many users. If you have Linksys router installed anywhere in home or at work place and Linksys router IP address not working then you can find the solution here in this blog. IP address is crucial for router’s web access.

Why the IP address is vital?

It’s a unique numbering label that is assigned to different device so that identification can be done easily. It also helps devices to connect and safeguarding data containers to grasp their proposed destination. Usually, or IP addresses are used for Linksys routers.

Why IP address is not working?

  • If you are typing wrong IP address then issue can occur.
  • Connection error can also irrupt the IP address access.
  • If the cookies and caches has not been clean from the browser that you are using to access router through its IP address then it can prevent the IP address to work.
  • If the firewall or any other security software is enabled in your accessing device then it can easily block the router’s IP address.
  • If you have made some changes in the router’s setting then it can be possible that you have unconsciously altered the IP address as well.
  • If you have set your router to function in bridge mode then also router’s IP address will not work.
  • How to resolve the concern
  • Double check that you are using the accurate IP address, you must check the router label or its help book to ensure about the accuracy of this address.
  • Be certain that all the physical connection are fixed rightly, check the connecting cables of router and device. they must be properly plugged in the power vent. Not even a single connection must be loose.
  • Power cycle your router by taking its plug out from the power source and pause. Plug it back and wait for few more seconds the connectivity issue will be resolved if that is intruding the IP address access.
  • Clean the caches and cookies of the browser so that if the issues are occurring because of browser then it will be resolved and you can access the router’s setting page.
  • You must try to disable the firewall and anti-virus if they are enabled because they can prevent the third-party access on your device. you can enable them again once you get the successful access router’s home page through IP address on your browser.
  • When nothing can sort out the issue try resetting your router, the settings will revert to default hence you will be able to use the IP address.
  • Though it is rear but sometimes there can be issue that could not be resolved without technical help and for that you can contact Linksys support team.


These devices are tech-based and facing these types of issues is possible but by applying the right troubleshooting you can come out the problem easily. You can interact with our team anytime if you have any enquiry associated to Linksys router.