How Do I Setup Openvpn On My Linksys Router?

Setup Openvpn On My Linksys Router

Online confidentiality and haven are fetching more and more central in today’s digitally allied society. A well-liked process for walloping your online happenings from inquisitive eyes is to use a virtual private network (VPN). While VPN services may be used on individual devices, configuring a VPN on your router can provide a more comprehensive and applied option. This post will show you how to set up OpenVPN on your Linksys router, giving all of the devices associated to your network innocuous and secluded internet access.

Why Should Your Linksys Router Use OpenVPN?

On your Linksys router, using OpenVPN offers various benefits:

  • Network-wide Protection: When you configure OpenVPN on your router, all of the devices connected to your home network—including those that can’t run VPN software, including smart TVs and game consoles—are automatically secured.
  • Simplified management: Setting up each device separately is far less convenient than managing a single VPN connection at the router level.
  • Increased Privacy: An additional degree of protection and privacy is added by the fact that all of your online actions are encrypted.
  • Device agnosticism: OpenVPN is compatible with a variety of hardware and operating systems, so all of your devices will function.

Let’s now get started on setting up OpenVPN on your Linksys router step by step.

  • A Linksys router with the ability to run third-party firmware.
  • To setup the router, use a computer or mobile device.
  • Internet accessibility.
  • Access to an OpenVPN server or a membership to OpenVPN.
  • Choosing and installing custom firmware – To configure OpenVPN on your Linksys router, you’ll need modified firmware. Reliant on the model of your router diverse steps are obligatory to install convention firmware. For installation directives access the guide or forums for your specific firmware.
  • Access Router Configuration- After the improved firmware has been installed you must use a web browser to see your router’s settings. Pass in the IP address in the search field to accomplish this. For Linksys routers the IP address is recurrently “”
  • Set up OpenVPN- Navigate via the router’s interface to the OpenVPN settings. Attempt to locate a section under “VPN” or “Services.” Enable the OpenVPN service first. Enter the server address, port, protocol, and your login information as given by your VPN service. Advanced parameters, such as DNS configurations and encryption levels, can be altered as necessary.
  • Make a Connection Test- Connect a device to your network and check to see whether it is utilising the VPN to confirm that OpenVPN is operating properly. You may crisscross if your IP address has reformed to replicate the setting of your VPN server by going to a website to do so.
  • Troubleshooting – Consult your custom firmware’s instructions and your VPN service’s assistance resources if you run into any setup or subsequent problems. Online discussion boards and groups may also be great resources for help.


Your Linksys router may offer network-wide security and privacy by setting up OpenVPN. You may use a VPN to get the advantages it offers on all of your connected devices by ensuing the directives in this blog. Keep in observance to recurrently elevate your firmware and keep a sense out for any modifications or changes to your VPN service. You may peruse the web with poise knowing your online goings-on are sheltered while using OpenVPN on your Linksys router.