What Should You Do if the Parent Mode Dispalys a Solid Red Light in Velop Router

What Should You Do if the Parent Mode Dispalys a Solid Red Light in Velop Router

Linksys’ Velop router system is renowned for its dependability and simplicity of use, yet like any electrical equipment, it occasionally has problems. A constant red light on the parent node is a typical issue that Velop users could run into. The presence of this red light often signifies a problem with your Velop system. Go through the steps to troubleshoot and shot this problem in this blog so you can get your network back up and functioning competently.

Physical connections should be examined.

It’s crucial to examine your Velop system’s physical connections. Make that there are no wobbly associations and that all cords are plugged in steadily. Make that the power adapter is securely attached to the parent node and plugged into a functioning power outlet. Sometimes, a straightforward connection problem can be the root of a solid red light.

Start the Parent Node again.

Try restarting the parent node if the physical connections are flawless but the solid red light continues. From the parent node, unplug the power adapter. Clutch off for a few seconds. Reconnect the power adapter. Check to see whether the solid red signal disappears when the node has fully restarted.

Update your firmware

Your Velop router may have a number of problems, including a solid red light, if the firmware is out of current. Ensure that your router is using the most recent firmware by: Open the Linksys app or use a web browser to access the Velop web interface. Choose “Settings” or “Administration” from the set menu of router. If there is a “Firmware Apprise” choice, look for it and trail the on-screen guidelines to upgrade.

Use factory reset

A factory reset can be required if the problem cannot be fixed using the aforementioned techniques. Since it will eradicate all of your arranged settings and reestablish the router to its factory settings, this should solitary be used as a last decision. Find the parent node’s reset button. Press the reset button for a few seconds while holding it down with a paperclip or another similar object. As momentarily as the LED lights commence to ostentatious, let go of the button. Wait for the router to reboot before starting over with your Velop network.

Linksys Support

Get in touch with Linksys customer service if you’ve strained all the aforesaid solutions and the solid red-light problem still happens. They can offer more support, possibly diagnose and fix the issue remotely, or set up a replacement if necessary and will brief you about what should you do if the parent mode displays a sloid red right in velop router.


Even while seeing a solid red light on the parent node of your Velop router might be annoying, the problem is typically fixable. You can frequently fix the matter and get your network back up and operational effortlessly by authenticating physical connections, resetting the router, updating software, and as a preceding resort, doing a factory reset. On no occasion vacillate to contact our customer service for support if everything else flops. Keep in mind that preserving and apprising your Velop system might assist circumvent such problems in the future.